Blue Bells of Scotland: The Trilogy
Adventures, Mysteries, and Miracles in Time 
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Night Writers Books

Maple Grove, MN
While teaching music lessons one night at the commity center, I happened to see the sign for Night Writers staring me in the face, directly across from my studio.  I had written a novel many years before and set it aside; the previous fall, I had written a second one.  By good luck, I finished teaching just before the group started. 
I walked down the hall and introduced myself.  They started laughing.  Really, this is not the inauspicious start it sounds like.  My name is Laura.  In the room already were Lyn, and Judy, Judd, Janet, and Genny.  The following weeks brought us Linda, Larry, another Linda, and Jack.  Lately, we've branched out.
They invited me to read first.  I have never in my life felt so comfortable and so welcome among a group of strangers.  They were both enthusiastic and helpful, and as I heard the high quality of their own writing, I appreciated their input even more.  They have continued to give me that same enthusiasm and lots of great input.  Like their mentor, Maureen, they have shown me how much I can be and do.  I consider them a great blessing in my life.

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Scotland's History